Mosquito Clear Barrier Spray

How we do it?
Our trained technicians apply an EPA-Approved 'Invisible Barrier' solution to your identified outdoor area, effectively terminating all present mosquitoes while simultaneously deterring additional mosquitoes for up to three weeks.

We re-apply the barrier every 21 days for the duration of mosquito season. This helps keep your property, essentially MOSQUITO CLEAR!

What do we use?
Our barrier formula is a milder concentrate of the same active ingredient found in prescription lice shampoo for children and flea/tick shampoo for pets.

What is affected?
We target mosquitoes specifically, so beneficial outdoor insects like honeybees, ladybugs and butterflies are unaffected by our barrier formula’s repellent effects. Your pets are safe from it, and so are you.

Take Back Your Yard!



Enjoy Outdoor Comfort... MOSQUITO CLEAR!