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Mosquito Clear Mosquito Control, PA

Mosquito and Insect Control

Are pesky mosquitoes, ticks and other insects ruining your outdoor recreation and relaxation? As a leader in mosquito and tick control, Mosquito Clear offers a variety of plans that will help you regain control of your yard. Our friendly and educated team members can help you select the plan that’s right for your property and your family.

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The Mosquito Clear Barrier Spray makes use of an EPA approved treatment. When applied to trees, shrubs and the foliage surrounding your outdoor living areas, Mosquitoes stay away.

Special Event Spray

Don’t let pesky mosquitoes ruin your special day. Contact Mosquito Clear about 48 hrs before your event and we will protect your guests with extra protection against biting, stinging insects.

Stink Bug Control

Stink Bugs will be returning! Timing is everything! The best time to apply treatments is August through October. Mosquito Clear is proud to offer effective Stink Bug Control.


Lyme Disease is a real danger. Mosquito Clear can help! Ticks can be a menace to humans and domesticated pets, as well. Let us protect you and your family from ticks and tick-borne diseases.