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Mosquito Clear
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by David R. on Mosquito Clear
Great Service
City/Town, State: Ivyland, PA

We started with Mosquito Clear last season and will start again soon. The relief was tremendous. We are now able to use our property to entertain without having to worry about excess mosquitoes, as we did in the past.

by Chuck L. on Mosquito Clear
Awesome Service
City/Town, State: Bucks County, PA

Thanks Guys! We were set to have a party and noticed we were getting bit up by mosquitoes 2 days before party, as were getting the yard ready. We called Mosquito Clear and they came the next day. Since then bugs have been almost non-existent. We have set up regular treatments and have been very pleased. I am pleased to recommend Mosquito Clear.

by John Pavlica on Mosquito Clear
Can’t thank Mosquito Clear enough
City/Town, State: Buckingham, PA

My family and I can’t thank Mosquito Clear enough! We live in beautiful Bucks County situated with a pond behind us. It is a wonder to look at, but it is also a haven for mosquitoes. We could never enjoy our outside patio at dusk, all of our evening meals had to be brought inside. Because of the wonderful service of Mosquito Clear we now enjoy family dinners together on our patio again!

by Ken Cloonan on Mosquito Clear
Thank you Mosquito Clear
City/Town, State: Doylestown, PA

Truly an amazing concept: No more mosquitoes!
We live in the pool everyday of the summer, now we can use the pool all day AND evening.
No more OFF, no more citronella or any other gimmicks.  Thank you Mosquito Clear.

by Cathy Siley on Mosquito Clear
Mosquito Clear allows us to sit outside...
City/Town, State: Ottsville, PA

We like to entertain outdoors, but mosquitoes often prevent us from really enjoying ourselves. Using Mosquito Clear allows us to sit outside with our company without being eaten alive. AND it helps keep ticks away too! The best part is that it is safe to use within 30 minutes of application, even when kids and pets are outside. Thanks Mosquito Clear!!

by Jon Peck on Mosquito Clear
What a Relief
City/Town, State: Richboro, PA

MOSQUITO CLEAR sure did what they said they'd do. I was getting bit often, usually in the evening. After having Mosquito Clear treat the property, I have no more itchy bites. Thanks guys!